how a gay korean christian in edmonton, alberta tumbles through life without losing his faith or gaining an STD.

mostly, though, it'll be about random things.


inspired by Street Fighter
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YES. Too bad they’re pricey. :(

@southgatecentre is a hot dark mess. #yeg #unplannedearthhour

4096!!!!! 4096!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I can stop obsessing over this game now. #2048 #lifeachievement #priorities

I’m worried about family.

I’m worried about work this week.

I’m worried and frustrated about staffing at work.

I’m frustrated at my loneliness.

I’m frustrated at the fact that I’m frustrated by my loneliness.

And most of all, I’m pissed off at the fact that I’ve been in bed for an hour and can’t fall asleep even though I didn’t have caffeine late today. Considering I was so tired in the early evening, this is basically an insult to myself, active brain.

There are sexual frustrations too, but I’ll leave it at that.

Eh eh eh eh eh, eh eh eh eh eh, eh eh eh eh eh, PERFECT WEATHER CAN’T GET NO BETTER

A special roll for a special someone? ;) #yeg #kenko #partyingpartying

Edamame bean // resting, lonely, on the plate // missing its bean friends.

Until Instagram gets its act together, I’ll have to manually upload photos.


I’m surprisingly eating these quite slowly. #hersheyskisses #chocolate #cookiesncream #뽀뽀


- “Spring Breeze” // by Lee Gun-ho // Vogue Korea (March 2010) -

You can NEVER go wrong with Vogue Korea.

(via sgvbound)