how a gay korean christian in edmonton, alberta tumbles through life without losing his faith or gaining an STD.

mostly, though, it'll be about random things.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What is the dirtiest thing you have ever thought about doing, and what is the dirtiest thing you have done so far?
skshim skshim Said:


I’m opposed to getting myself dirty, which is why I would never do well with construction or any outdoor jobs. My pure white skin has to be maintained somehow, you know.

Oh wait, you mean something else.

Considering that I’ve had limited sexual experiences, nothing has been “dirty”. And my idea of raunch would be, like, more than one guy, although the possibility of disease or the fact that I can’t do NSA turns me off on that.


For a variety of reasons, this is one shower that should be checked thoroughly before use.

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15& - 티가 나나봐 (Can’t Hide It) Live on K-Pop Star

THIS IS PERFECTION…if you ignore the random air instrumentalists and silent back-up singers.

What’s odd is that their radio performance was oddly flat…literally.  Park Jimin was really off.  :T


Every now and then, you just kind of wish you had a boyfriend.

Tonight is one of those nights.

This is me a LOT lately….


is this what they do at coachella

They actually look better than most attendees….

(via rewatchingpokemon)

But good luck getting a refund.

YATTA! #chunli #projectxzone #idontgetstrategygames

The Easter Bunny // Waiting for children to pose // It’s a hard knock life.

So many lines………… Can I pull this off? ^_^ #simons #yeg #패션