how a gay korean christian in edmonton, alberta tumbles through life without losing his faith or gaining an STD.

mostly, though, it'll be about random things.

I hate you, Tomodachi Life.

Night is coming. #yeg

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You're right. Bora is so useless but all I see are SISTAR fans praising her only. (I'm exaggerating but the amount of love she gets...)
skshim skshim Said:

I don’t get it either.

The thing is, it’s not just Sistar fans. My straight guy friends who follow K-pop love her too.

Also, I’m aware that Dasom barely sings too, but she doesn’t seem to get as much inexplicable love from the fans.




1. I’m hoping that the girls know what they’re singing because if the chorus is taken literally, well, let’s just say Koreans will have a field day. Also, I prefer Mariah’s TMB.

2. Next to Hyuna, Sistar is the K-pop group/artist most heavily marketed in a “sexy” manner. In other words, they work on grabbing the male gaze. While I would say that almost every female artist or group deals with this to some degree — at least, in mainstream pop, anywhere in the world — this is prevalent in all of Sistar’s singles, I think. It helps that as a group, they embody sexy pretty well. But still.

3. BORA IS VOCALLY OF NO USE. WHY IS SHE SO POPULAR. (Actually, I know why she’s popular: she’s considered hot. I just don’t get it.)

4. I hope that Soyu gets more recognition now that she had a hit solo single (“Some”).

5. I liked the swing scene. I HATED the weird high-waisted shorts.

6. I think that if “Darling” (by Girl’s Day) and this song were put head-to-head — which they will be — this is gonna win. It’s sassier (or as Google Translate would say, “pantier”).

This story and the events around it are driving me nuts.  It’s frustrating, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s just RIDICULOUS.

It’s obvious that the rebels shot the plane done, even if it was unintentional.  The fact that Russia won’t outright deny it — instead blaming Ukraine on the “circumstances” of the war — makes it obvious.  Plus the US evidence, plus the fact that the rebels are really making a mess of things, plus the fact that Ukraine had no such weapons….

And the fact that (as previously stated) I’m fascinated/terrified by plane accidents drives me nuts BECAUSE EVEN IN THIS DAY AND AGE A ROCKET CAN SHOOT ME DEAD WHEN I’M 10,000 FEET IN THE AIR.


I really hope this doesn’t lead to WWIII, with the fighting in Gaza and all….

Bowling in the darkness.

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It’s weird to see a former friend get married on Facebook.

(Not married on Facebook, but seeing the pics on Facebook.)

She and I used to be very close until she kinda gave up on the friendship.