how a gay korean christian in edmonton, alberta tumbles through life without losing his faith or gaining an STD.

mostly, though, it'll be about random things.

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I feel it in the air
As I’m doing my hair.

Why can’t I post the video directly onto Tumblr?

Anyway, as soon as I heard Seungah’s flat notes, I literally screamed out, “SEUNGAH!!!” -_-

But oh Jaekyung.  <3


Spin the bottle?

So this summer has been one just full of work and not much else. Normally, I can’t leave during the summer but the past two summers had special trips (my dad’s 60th birthday last year and a Korean reunion the summer before that) but those were exceptions. Now, I’m just working away.

To be honest, it’s not like I necessarily WANT to go anywhere.  It’s just that my work consumes most of my days, so that when I get home, I don’t want to do anything other than veg.  And…maybe meet a guy.

Especially since my roommate’s been AWOL (he was gone for 7 weeks in the spring, and he apparently had to help with the flooding across the country, so I’ve seen him twice in the past three months), I’ve been just doing whatever.  I’m walking around in my underwear (in my defence, it’s very hot in my condo on the warm summer days) and just really not caring.

Potentially this will be the summer in which I make the most money.  Due to the extreme overtime I did in June, I now have the most I’ve ever had in my bank account (which does NOT say much; trust me). But does that really matter?  I don’t know….

Having two good summer workers and one new full-time employee has been great.  But we let go of one FT (the horrible girl) and I don’t know what’s happening with my friend on mat leave.  I want her back especially since I want to be able to go on a vacation this summer but we shall see….

Even though I like life, and even though I am a Christian, I sometimes wonder if I should have like a rebellious stage (AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 29) and just find a bf or something.  I don’t know.  I’m at the point where I just don’t want to die alone, you know?  Although if I become a whore, I’m sure I’d die young. I swear I have this phase every few years. I hope it’s just a phase….

Nevertheless, here I am on a Sunday evening, alone and lazy and not looking forward to Monday.


SISTAR - “Touch My Body” (Live @ 인기가요 / Inkigayo)

Does anyone know why they changed the lyrics for this???  I’m confused.  (“My pool” -> “My star”, “Red pool” -> “My caffeine”, “내 입술이 좋아 아님 내 body가 좋아” -> “넌 어디가 좋아 나는 저 바다가 좋아”).

I didn’t know pools were so evil in Korea.

The white pants are out!!!!! With my #hellokitty watch haha

에드먼튼의 맛. #yeg #yegfood #tasteofedmonton

So, considering how online translators mistranslate “sassy” I thought they’d get this right but…. #mypantygirl #fail #뭬야