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Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4

Episode 6 Photoshoot - Wild Woman (in Thailand)

#1 - Park Shin-hye

The girl that was so good, she got TWO best photos.  And looking at it…well, isn’t it obvious?  Portfolio-wise, she has the strongest photo collection, and she has an intensity that clearly comes through her pictures.  The only issue I have with her is similar to Go So-hyeon from last cycle — she can’t do both hard and soft.  The difference is that So-hyeon did softer shots better, whereas Shin-hye is doing harder shots better.  The panel already loves her — just like So-hyeon — so…I don’t know.  I really hope she doesn’t get cut before the finale, because it is so obvious that she can model.

That lying-in-the-water shot was FAAAAAAAABULOUUUUUUUUUUUS.

#2 - Hwang Hyeon-ju

Expected.  Being the tall sexy one, this doesn’t really surprise me.  Don’t get me wrong — it’s really good, especially compared to some of the others.  But it’s…expected.  Profile showing her shaved side!  Sexy body pose!  Open mouth!  I don’t know…she just seems like she can’t do high fashion.  And I would hate for her to win this cycle, especially since she’s like Choi Sora (the winner of C3).  Meh.

#3 - Kim Hye-ah

BAH.  Yes, most improved, sure.  But her face continues to remain blank.  She doesn’t have a fierce personality, and they even mentioned that she basically was forced into this because she couldn’t think of it herself.  Judging by the preview for next week, she didn’t learn to pose on her own.  Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

#4 - Shin Hyeon-ji

She’s good.  Like Shin-hye, though, her dial is stuck on FIERCE.  Not a bad thing, of course, but what is she gonna do for beauty shots?  Also, I think it was unfair to her that she didn’t get the snake.  I mean, if it wasn’t good for her to be so high up (she climbed up a tree a few metres), then, like, bring her down, you know?  Whatever; she still did well.

#5 - Jung Ho-yeon

I would have swapped her with Hye-ah.  I thought this picture was really pretty, but for the judges, it wasn’t intense enough in the eyes.  AND THEY STILL PUT HYE-AH THIRD.  BAH!!!!

#6 - Jung Ha-eun

The judges said that she focussed too much on the concept and didn’t showcase herself enough.  I think that her personality is starting to ruin how I see her in pictures and honestly, she should be eliminated soon.

#7 - Kim Shi-won

Mixed opinions.  They also said that her hair was bad, but they didn’t do anything to change it.  The photographer was disappointed, but Yoon-ju liked the shot, I believe.  She has potential, though, and she’s my dark horse favourite right now, after improving so much with the Snow White pic.  I guess she could have been a bit more ~wild~….

#8 - Lim Hyeon-ju


They said she was really awkward and lacking confidence, and right when she started to get into the groove, they used up all her shots.  Sigh.


#9 - Ryu Ye-ri

I feel bad for her.  I thought she was one of the more down-to-earth and relaxed contestants that they had, and she had a good level of confidence, but after she got the age critique, I knew she was done.  Honestly, I love this shot.  I think her face looks beautiful, and from a fashion standpoint, it’s a great shot because it showcases the clothes and accessories very well.  However, she was contrasted with Shin-hye and the judges said it was like night and day.  She didn’t have the strong body poses or confidence that Shin-hye did, and in the end, she just couldn’t win the judges over.

How tragic.

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