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Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4
Episode 7 Photoshoot — Guys and girls from previous decades

So.  Before I start, I would like to say that the order of the first five girls seems to be quite arbitrary, because they all did well and I have no idea why it was done in this specific order.  Also, for those of you that don’t watch the show, you gotta realise that they shot as girls first without knowing that the day after, they would shoot themselves as guys separately.  So the fact that at least half of them look cohesive is quite impressive, at least to me.

#1 - Hwang Hyeon-ju

In a way, this was easier for her because she already has the rocker look down and everything (go half-shaved head go).  But, she had to make out with air, which is kinda obvious in the way her mouths (haha) are too open.  But the first day she was really sick, and again, she had to make out with air, so this is impressive.  Would I have given her #1?  No.  But I can’t argue with the choice.

#2 - Shin Hyeon Ji

She emoted the HECK out of her face.  Like, seriously, she was amazing.  They showed her alternate cuts on the show, and they were beautiful.  I don’t know why they didn’t give her #1 — maybe because she’s always been a solid girl?  Along with Shin-hye, Hyeon-ji has been pretty consistent; she has yet to fail miserably.  And so perhaps they weren’t that surprised with this, although the photoshoot director was gushing about her.

#3 - Kim Hye-ah

GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL.  I gotta say, for her woman shot, she looked hot.  And this coming from a gay male.  Anyway, she really did surprise me because she did amazingly well.  For the second shot, not so much; they had to pose her and stuff, but once she got into it, she got it.  I’m kinda still hating on her because I think she’s resting on her pretty, but she’s finally starting to work it, so…I guess that’s why they put her pretty high.

#4 - Jung Ho-yeon

Obviously, the black and white helps.  I know they hated on her during her woman shoot because they had to overtly direct her, but she did so well during her man shoot that I guess the photographer gave her a good shot.  Whatever; it’s fabulous and currently my FB cover photo.  I would have put her above Hye-ah.  My new dark horse…but I guess she’s everyone’s dark horse since she’s the girl they gave a second chance to.

#5 - Park Shin-hye

I have no idea why they put her so low, in the bottom half.  Maybe because she wasn’t AMAZING and they have such high standards for her now?  Regardless, she gave herself curves as a woman when she doesn’t have them, and I think that’s impressive.  The guy shot is solid.  Eh….  She’ll probably still win the whole thing, because she poses so darn well and she isn’t short.

#6 - Jung Ha-eun

I think she’s peaked.  I hope she’s done; in the previews for next week, they make it look like she doesn’t do well.  Also, it’s a typical high-fashion shoot, and I really don’t think she has the looks for such a shoot.  But we’ll see….  They’re tricky editors over at OnStyle.  Anyway, considering that she had to become two androgynous people, I will give her credit for doing her best to differentiate the two.  But…this is mediocre.

#7 - Im Hyeon-ju

My girl is falling down the rankings, and it makes me sad because she has such a beautiful face.  She’s coasting, though, and she’s been in the bottom two twice already, so…I’m hoping for a comeback special next week.  I doubt she’ll get higher than 5th, but I’m hoping for her to be in the final three….

#8 - Kim Shi-won

Poor girl.  Such a positive, happy girl, but she’s definitely lacking experience and it shows.  Her “girl” shot is sooooooooooooo awkward.  And really, she’s an awkward teenager.  Beautiful girl, and perhaps in a couple of years she’ll do well, but it was her time to go, I guess.  She peaked with Snow White.

If I were a betting man, I would say that Park Shin-hye, Hwang Hyeon-ju, and Shin Hyeon-ji would be the final three, with Shin-hye taking the whole thing.  But I REAAAAAAAAAALLY hope Im Hyeon-ju starts improving.

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