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Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4
Episode 10 - Vegas Weddings
(NOTE: KNTM does things kinda funny in that they always go from 5 to 3.  I believe they’ve always done it this way, though I didn’t watch Cycles 1 & 2 in full.)
(ANOTHER NOTE: I have no idea why this photos are so badly processed.  That’s how they appeared on screen too.  Maybe the photographer wants to be like Terry Richardson?)

1. Jung Ho-yeon

CONCEPT: After a night out with friends, she’s basically having a “woe is me” moment….  How they initially explained the concept was not quite what this picture turned into, because she was supposed to be wistful about leaving her single life or something?…idk idk.)

DARK HORSE BECOMES FRONT-RUNNER.  She initially struggled with the shoot, because they started with her standing up by the window and for some reason it wasn’t working.  She stated that it was because it was more of a generic venue (as opposed to the other “Vegas-y” backgrounds).  Once she lied down, though, it was DONE.  SHE WORKED THE HECK OUT OF THAT DRESS.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she won this thing.  She has the drive, especially after being eliminated; she had a wonderful “comeback special story”; and she’s seriously getting fiercer and fiercer each week.  Unlike other people, she peaked LATE, and that’s clearly working in her favour.

2. Shin Hyeon-ji

CONCEPT: The runaway bride

This choice was very interesting to me.  During judging, the judges (especially editor Lee Hye-ju) were kinda harsh with her.  They basically stated, that it’s a great picture, but it’s mostly because of her natural qualities, and that there was nothing about the picture that exactly says “runaway bride”…which is true, because she looks like a girl running in Vegas with a white dress.  Anyway, she got through!

3. Hwang Hyeon-ju

CONCEPT: Happy “just married” bride

The final finalist.  She did alright, but the issue I have with her is that she isn’t “winner” material.  She doesn’t have the drive that Ho-yeon does, and she doesn’t have the uniqueness that Hyeon-ji does.  She’s good, and she’s pretty, and she’s not short, so she won’t be a BAD model.  I just don’t think that she’ll excel.  (Keep in mind that unlike other Top Model franchises, KNTM actually turns out a lot of working models, and the winners end up going pretty far…within Korea.)  Personally, I would have preferred Park Shin-hye, but I know it doesn’t make sense to throw out the girl that has been absolutely consistent this whole cycle.

(The other girls were eliminated at the same time, but the official site has Park Shin-hye first, so let’s go to her.)

4. Park Shin-hye

CONCEPT: Initially the jilted bride — left on the hotel bed — but it really wasn’t working, so she became the “jilting” bride, so to speak.

I’m really surprised at how she crashed and burned.  Like, shocked.  She, with Ho-yeon, had some of the best winning photos of the competition.  But once they had her going softer, without FIERCE LASER EYES, she…just couldn’t.  The model vs. model photo, the “different look” photo, and this one…all kinda meh.  I mean, yeah, this photo is actually good, but it’s not exactly her that’s making it good.  The rural/desert-y setting, the lower sun, the framing…it all makes for a nice photo — almost like a movie still — but it’s not like she’s modelling extraordinarily well.  And from a girl who actually did model extraordinarily well earlier…I can see why they had no choice but to cut her.

Oh, well.  I’m sure she’ll find tons of work in edgy photoshoots.

SIDE NOTE: With her, I think the actual issue is with how her eyes are physically.  They’re slightly squinty and … lower? … compared to other people, and so I think they’re more naturally suited for “glaring” photoshoots.  When she tries for a softer look, she ends up becoming blank.

5. Kim Hye-ah

CONCEPT: Post-wedding exhaustion…which doesn’t make sense here — I mean, with a showgirl??? — but whatever.

She’s gotta thank her parents for them genes, because her natural statuesque beauty is the main reason she was kept for so long in this competition.  Jang Yoon-ju noted how each photographer basically said the same thing about her, that although she’s stunning in person, it seemed like she was holding and/or unable to break out of her shell during shoots.  And obviously, on camera, she appeared to be, to put it nicely, a bit spacey.  So…I don’t know.  I find this picture hilarious.  I kinda wish they kept her only to see how she would have done with the final challenges, but really, all I can say is, “FINALLY.”

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