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Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4
FINAL PHOTOSHOOT: W Cover, December 2013

HYEON-JI WON!?!?!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!  WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW……….  K, now that I have that out of the way:

1. Shin Hyeon-ji (WINNER)

This actually shocked me.  It wasn’t that she was horrible, but the episode made it seem like she was just playing catch-up to the other two.  They had a challenge to make an advertorial film thing, and she was the weakest.  She almost tripped when testing clothes for the runway show, and she had the least fierce walk.  BUT DANG IS SHE WORK-WORKING THAT COVER.  I would argue, of course, that it’s the easiest cover to do — plop a cray hat onto her head and have her look at the camera — but she does have the most striking face of the three.  One of the judges wanted more neck, and I agree.  But yeah, I think she won because a) THAT COVER, b) THAT FACE, and c) her potential.  Also, it was clear that the EIC judge favoured her over the others.

BTW, they didn’t eliminate a person before awarding the winner, so I’m just gonna choose one next.

2. Jung Ho-yeon (RUNNER-UP 1)

She was clearly “Most Improved”, and she had the strongest runway presence.  And she won that Adidas challenge.  And she was my favourite of the final three.  She still is, because she handled that loss gracefully: she seemed genuinely happy for Hyeon-ji, unlike Hyeon-ju who was kinda grimacing.

In terms of the cover, I like it, but I agreed with EIC that the hair isn’t that flattering…to which I would add, “Well, who chose it!?”

GO HO-YEON.  I’m expecting (relatively) big things from you.  You and Park Shin-hye.

3. Hwang Hyeon-ju (RUNNER-UP 2)

I would argue that she was probably the most consistent contestant this cycle, and I knew she would be in the final 3.  She seemed the least…special to me, so I’m glad she didn’t win.  I’m not saying that she was bad or undeserving of a finalist spot, but other than her apparent edginess given to her by the hairstylists and the people in charge, there was nothing about her that was unique and memorable.

I appreciated her relationship with her mom though.  (Oh, right: they each met with their moms before the final tasks.  Hyeon-ju’s mom has Parkinson’s so it showed her with her medicine and her apparently working as a teacher at a preschool or nursery.)

Her cover is the weakest because her eyes are over-shadowed and I wouldn’t blame her for it but she’s just…not connecting.  I like the outfit though.  I liked all their outfits, although Ho-yeon’s is barely shown.


And that is the end of another KNTM cycle, except not because they have ANOTHER special episode (THAT’S THE THIRD ONE, ONSTYLE) next Thursday.  I’ll download it and see if anything new pops up.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the pics and recaps and rants.  It’s been fun for me.

I want a comeback special for Im Hyeon-ju, though.